Introduction to Permaculture Workshop

Saturday May 6th

Time: 10am – 5pm

Cost: €50 to €80


Siobhán Lavelle

Permaculture is a set of design tools that can help to reintegrate humans into natural eco-systems so that the needs of all living beings can be met simultaneously.

Learn about the permaculture principles, ethics and tools and how they can be applied in a variety of contexts. Learn in a relaxed, friendly, interactive environment in our yurt and gardens. We will use our gardens and budding eco-village to illustrate examples of applied permaculture and examples of where permaculture could be applied to improve things.

Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch. Please bring warm, waterproof clothes and shoes and work gloves.

Sliding scale is to accommodate people on lower incomes. Please pay what you can afford to help balance out costs.

Barter offers may be accepted. Please contact us to discuss.this option.

Book soon as places are limited.

About the facilitator:

Siobhán is a qualified horticulturist who has been growing food for 12 years, applying pemaculture to her work for 5 years and teaching permaculture for 4 years. She is a diploma candidate with the UK Permaculture Association and is a co-founder of Coole Eco Community.

She is passionate about applying permaculture to every aspect of her life so as to live in a way that is causing no harm.